7 Minimalist Tips to Make a Prefabricated House

7 Minimalist Tips to Make a Prefabricated House

7 Minimalist Tips to Make a Prefabricated House More Comfortable

7 Minimalist Tips to Make the Prefabricated House More Comfortable Prefabricated buildings have become much more popular due to the adoption of the Tiny House culture in our country. Although perishable structures come to mind when it comes to prefabricated houses, they are not like that at all.

7 Minimalist Tips to Make a Prefabricated House More Comfortable These houses, which come in a variety of colors and colors, can be single-storey or double-storey. Prefabricated houses attract a lot of attention thanks to their luxurious and minimalist appearance. These houses are not only useful but also quick to install and produce, and affordable compared to other structures.

Our first tip is to know what you want. It is very easy to buy a prefabricated house for those who know what they want. Since the desired structure is clear in general terms, production begins by paying attention to the details determined at the order stage. As ENHAR Prefabrik, we share the plans of our models on our website. You can choose the one that suits you from these models and get an offer. From the moment you order, we care about the points you care about and we produce the house you need as a home as soon as possible.

Costs of Prefabricated Houses

When we look at other structures, there are labor costs in the first place. If we take into account the sanitary and electrical installations that require mastery as well as the handling of construction works, such cost items are out of question in prefabricated houses. Then material costs begin to occur. After these costs, there are official documents and fees. Although there are certain official procedures in prefabricated houses, it remains quite convenient when compared to other structures. Let’s say we put them all together. When we add the shower cabin, toilet and sink-like materials included in the package to our cost calculation, prefabricated houses remain quite affordable.

Coming to our fifth tip, let’s talk about our experience. As ENHAR Prefabrik, we carried out long-term R&D studies while producing our models in order to better understand our customers. We took care not to make any mistakes made by manufacturers, and analyzed what consumers pay attention to when buying prefabricated buildings. As a result of our analyzes, we have always adopted the motto of service and formed a staff of experts in the field who will adapt to us. Our R&D studies still continue today with the aim of understanding the changing needs and adapting to the developing technology.

Our sixth tip is construction times. The construction times of prefabricated houses are determined during the order. While these determined periods may vary according to the project, they are quite short when compared to other structures. Although the reason for this is due to our always ready expert personnel and our always ready production line, the construction phase of other structures requires a lot of effort. Therefore, the construction period of prefabricated houses is produced on a turnkey basis within the specified time.

Our seventh tip is to use all areas of the prefabricated building for a comfortable home. There are many materials produced on this subject. For example, instead of beds manufactured side by side, beds produced in the bunk bed model should be preferred. Thus, a bed space can be saved. There are highly modular materials available for drawers.


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