Duplex Prefab House Turkey

Duplex Prefab House Turkey

Duplex prefab house turkey The wooden manor villa series is designed for country cottage and fast-building villages. With our prefabricated aluminum frame system and rapidly integrated composite wall and partitions, we are proud to achieve one month village building, villagers absorption and citizens resettlement.We have the industrial supply chain which combines smart home system and art design interior decoration, we can achieve house building in reasonable budget but in elegant wooden interior appearance. Duplex prefab house turkey areLong lasting and durable wood panel and flooring, not only give extraordinary visual effect while living inside you but also ensure long time using and less cleaning trouble. We will also supply electrical fixtures and plumbing fixtures according to your country’s requirements. The cables and wires will be of high quality and up to your country’s requirements. Well designed bathroom will be separated by toilet area and bathroom area. We use the building space as much as possible.


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