How Long Does a Prefabricated House Live?

How Long Does a Prefabricated House Live?

How Long Does a Prefabricated House Live? One of the most curious questions about prefabricated houses, which stand out for reasons such as the diversity it offers in design, short construction time and economical cost, is the life of the prefabricated house. Although there are different variables that apply to the life of the prefabricated house, an average of 50 years is cut. However, new generation materials that emerge as a result of continuous developments in the prefabricated house sector can make these periods much longer. In addition to their long service life, prefabricated houses create a reason for preference because every part of prefabricated houses can be produced in a factory environment and assembled in a very short time compared to traditional buildings. Factory production is a factor that reduces both time and costs. However, it should not be assumed that a house with a low price is of low quality. Because prefabricated houses are generally long-lasting, but they are also quite durable building types. As Enhar Yapı, the leading company of the prefabricated building sector, we have brought together all the points you need to know about the life of the prefabricated house.

According to Which Criteria Does the Life of a Prefabricated House Change?

The quality of the materials used in manufacturing comes first among the criteria that affect the life of the prefabricated house. Because the service life of each material will be different. Therefore, when choosing a prefabricated house, it is beneficial to choose companies that use quality and durable materials during the production stages. In addition to the quality of the production materials, another important factor for the life of the prefabricated house is the assembly stage. The most accurate way of assembly will increase the strength of the house. In addition, many environmental factors such as the climatic characteristics of the region where the prefabricated buildings are located also affect the life of the prefabricated house. Therefore, in order to choose a prefabricated house made of materials suitable for the geography in which the house will be located, it is important to work with a company specialized in this field. Prefabricated houses among the product options of EnhaYapı; With its quality, experience and originality, it can be the answer to your search on this subject.

How to Maintain Prefabricated Houses?

Prefabricated houses do not need any special care. However, as with the houses built from reinforced concrete or different materials, prefabricated houses will also wear out depending on time and environmental conditions, so maintenance can be done according to need. Maintenance processes also play an important role in prolonging the life of prefabricated houses. Moreover, the maintenance costs of prefabricated houses made of environmentally friendly and durable materials are quite low. Maintenance of prefabricated houses; It consists of procedures that should be done in general in all types of buildings, such as interior and exterior paint, repairing paint cracks, reviewing electrical and water installations, checking the roof covering, and checking the insulation. There is no periodic maintenance schedule for prefabricated houses. For this reason, it will be sufficient to observe the prefabricated houses for maintenance needs and to make visible deformations without delay.


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