How to Build a Prefabricated House in 4 Stages?

How to Build a Prefabricated House in 4 Stages?

If you are one of those who are wondering about the answers to questions such as how to make a prefabricated house, is it useful, what advantages it offers, which is one of the most preferred living space options in recent years, we have to say that you are in the right place. Enhar Yapı, the leading company of the prefabricated building sector, compiles the answers to all your questions about prefabricated houses, which are basically created by assembling the parts prepared in the factory environment, in this content.

How is a Prefabricated House Made?

Prefabricated houses, which are one of the most popular house options especially in the USA, have unfortunately become one of the most used houses in Turkey after the severe earthquake disasters. The satisfaction of people living in prefabricated houses, which offer a living space solution that is resistant to devastating disasters such as earthquakes, also leads to the preference of these structures by more and more people. Moreover, the fact that prefabricated houses are built in a shorter time compared to reinforced concrete structures and offer a price advantage despite this speed is an important reason for preference for prefabricated buildings. Then, if you wish, let’s start to examine every point of interest about prefabricated houses and the construction process in depth.

Stage 1: Land Permits

We have previously stated that we will find answers to the question of how to make a prefabricated house in 4 stages. In this direction, the first thing you will need is of course the necessary permissions of the land where the prefabricated house will be installed. For this, you must confirm the zoning permit of the land from the municipality where the land is located and get approval. We can say that you need to get a building permit after the zoning permit process for your land is completed. After completing the title deed, license and permits of the land, you can proceed to the next steps for the prefabricated house installation.

Stage 2: Factory Production

After completing the first stage required for the land where your prefabricated house will be built, you need to decide which of the single-storey or double-storey options will meet your needs, taking into account the project and plans. After your decision, the prefabricated building company you have agreed with will start the manufacturing process of the materials required for the prefabricated house in the factory environment. At this stage, all the steps planned in the factory environment are started to be produced without any margin of error. Since prefabricated houses are structures based on security, they can be built as double-storey at most. These houses, which have an aesthetically interesting quality, are also easily differentiated from other structures as they do not have as long a construction process as reinforced concrete structures.

Stage 3: Concrete Pouring

For the installation of a prefabricated house, a detailed examination of the land floor is required. If the floor is flat, concrete can be poured directly on the floor and the installation of the prefabricated house can be started. However, if there are slopes and the ground does not have a tight structure, some arrangements may be required as the installation of the structure cannot be performed. With these arrangements, the land can be filled or retaining wall can be pulled to strengthen the ground. After the land is brought to a suitable ground form, concrete is poured on the ground again. The structure of the floor is an extremely important issue for the usage period of the prefabricated house. For this reason, it is possible to say that this is perhaps the most important stage of the question of how to make a prefabricated house.

Stage 4: Assembly

At this stage of prefabricated house construction, the parts produced in the factory are installed and assembled, and when the manufactured parts arrive on site, the assembly process is usually completed within a few days. The assembly process proceeds as follows in general terms.

● U profile mounting on the floor,

● Fixing the prefabricated structure to the ground,

● Joining the wall panels,

● Placement of window frames,

● Installing windows,

● Placement of door frames,

● Assembling the doors,

● Placing the roof head truss,

● Installation of roof truss,

● Electrical installation,

● Pulling the water system,

● Assembling the purlin,

● Making streams and descents suitable,

● Installation of roof trusses,

● Performing paint operations.

Let’s emphasize once again that all these processes are completed by professional and fast teams in a much shorter time than traditional reinforced concrete structures.

What is the Usage Period of Prefabricated Houses?

Now that we have answered the question of how to make a prefabricated house, we can focus on how long you can use the prefabricated houses you prefer for living space. In this sense, it would not be wrong to emphasize that the materials and workmanship used in the construction process are of great importance in prefabricated houses, as in all types of houses. We can list the other factors that will increase the service life of prefabricated houses as follows:

● Giving importance to the foundation concrete of the building,

● Using quality materials,

● Roof material of the building,

● Especially the interior and exterior walls are made of quality materials,

● Strengthening the steel skeleton of the building,

● Timely and unobtrusive maintenance.

How to Move a Prefabricated House?

You know the answer to the question of how to make a prefabricated house. In the same way, you have learned that a prefabricated house produced by paying attention to certain points will allow use for more than 50 years. But what about the prefabricated house that you have worked so hard for when it comes to moving? The answer is very simple: You will be able to carry your home wherever you go. Because if prefabricated houses consist of combining some parts, these parts can be dismantled and moved to another place when needed, and these parts can be reassembled. Due to all these features and ease of use, if you have decided to live in a prefabricated house with your family, we recommend you to evaluate the prefabricated house options of Villa Yapı, which is an expert in its field.


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