Locker cabinets are produced in order for the personnel in the enterprises to wear their work clothes and store their own clothes when they come to work. These cabinets are produced from steel material. They are divided into five groups, respectively; Single, double, triple, quartet and six. The groups of four and six are on top of each other, that is, the two-person cupboards are on the top and the two-person cabinets are on the bottom, while the six-person locker has a total of six compartments, three on the top and three on the bottom. There is a label section on the front of the cabinet doors to write the name and surname on it. In addition, there are ventilation channels so that the items put inside are not stuffy.

On the front covers, the plate sheets are cut in the desired dimensions, the sheet metals are strengthened by bending, and then these bent plate sheets are welded to each other and painted with electrostatic powder paint. The material coming out of the oven is delivered to the end user after packaging is made.

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