Luxury Prefabricated Houses

Luxury Prefabricated Houses

Luxury Prefabricated Houses

Luxury Prefabricated Houses : INTRODUCTION

Luxury Prefabricated  Houses can be found in the same housing solution? Why choose a prefabricated house even if you have no budget constraints? Is it possible to build a house as beautiful as concrete?

Prefabricated wooden houses are examples of luxury prefabricated houses. A building that respects the environment, houses that guarantee low consumption thanks to the heating and cooling of the habitat, as well as the appropriate energy management of the domestic hot water.

The fairy-tale but true appearance lies precisely in their ability to have a very low environmental impact. They adapt to the environment in which they are placed without disturbing the harmony of the landscape. Demonstrating that all comforts and conveniences can be provided with respect to nature.


There is no “visual” difference between prefabricated wooden houses and reinforced concrete houses. The materials used for prefabricated construction can be completely covered as conventional walls, both internal and external. Plaster, restored stone for walls and any flooring you want.

Wooden roofs are much lighter and much more functional. If you don’t want to see the interior structure of the roof, a drywall false ceiling can possibly be created to support the recessed lighting system.


In prefabricated wooden houses, luxury and savings are not opposite concepts, quite the opposite. The highest quality in building materials combined with special finishes and plant engineering for microclimatic thermoregulation make these homes perfectly aligned with environmental sustainability principles synonymous with energy saving.

The greatest comfort of those who live right away is for the sake of saving in terms of energy expenditure, in fact, prefabricated wooden houses benefit from the properties of this excellent natural material. Wood creates an internal microclimate that can guarantee a perfect temperature for each different climatic season.

In prefab houses, the components are manufactured at the factory, which allows for excellent quality standards. The extra pound in luxury solutions is interior design choices.


An important difference between the so-called “turnkey” prefab homes and a luxury home is precisely the technology that meets creativity. The happy coexistence of those who want it, with those who turn it into imaginary matter, and finally with the nature that hosts it and offers the raw material.


Prefabricated houses that manage to integrate with the environment despite artificial lights. Solutions that choose to bring nature into the house thanks to the use of very large windows, which in some cases are equal to the entire perimeter of the building. Interior design is becoming particularly important to maintain this continuity between interior, exterior and environment.


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