Prefabricated Duplex Houses

Prefabricated Duplex Houses

Prefabricated Duplex Houses

Prefabricated Duplex Houses Extremely aesthetic and comfortable prefabricated duplex houses, each of which reflects innovative lines, are produced using the latest system new generation prefabricated building technologies, with a long-lasting, earthquake resistant, environmentally friendly concept, and safe prefabricated residential living spaces are prepared. You will find vitality and comfort together in all of the prefabricated duplex houses, each of which is produced with the same precision.

Raise your expectations with a prefabricated villa

Prefabricated Duplex Houses What affects the choice of villa building? First of all, of course, the villa design. Maybe everyone’s common desire is to be different. Housing security is indispensable in terms of both earthquake and fire safety criteria. Energy use is also a very important factor in the choice of villa construction. It affects the demand for highly insulated housing for a sustainable environmental management and the best savings in energy budget expenditures. Another important factor is the beauty of the exterior design, as well as the functional use of the villa with its interior plan design, among the important preference factors. After all these factors in luxury housing preferences come together, the basic evaluation and decision is made according to the budget criteria. The first question to be asked at this stage is how much will the villa building prices cost?

Now, let’s take a closer look at the prefabricated housing model that will meet all these expectations, including the price advantage. As we mentioned at the beginning, the prefabricated villa, which is included in the prefabricated housing models, is prepared with original designs with the expertise of Enhar Prefabrik and presented to your liking. In the design, the classical architectural touches that we can never give up and longed for are blended sensitively with the innovations of modern architecture.

The steel construction house system, in which the building safety calculations are successfully transferred to production, makes the prefabricated villa structures extremely safe. The steel structure system, in which steel materials are used in the main carrier systems, raises the prefabricated houses among the safest building models in terms of earthquakes. The electrical project specially prepared for the building system and the quality control stages of the project’s production and field applications make the steel villa structures extremely safe in terms of fire.

Prefabricated houses have the features that the most energy-saving insulation applications can be easily realized with the steel structure system used in the production style. In addition to the high-density insulation materials used as standard between the wall panels, mineral wool can be applied with optional choices for better insulation values. In prefabricated houses, applications such as OSB, moisture barrier, m-profile interstitial space to prevent thermal bridge, plasterboard systems inside with different facade applications are carried out on the insulated panels from the outside, giving aesthetics to the house together with insulation.

In prefabricated houses, the aesthetics of the villa outside the building is also reflected in the interior comfort. In the interior plan design, the advantages of the steel construction system are used to the fullest, and very comfortable and ergonomic spaces are prepared. However, in the classical reinforced concrete system, which has traditionally been preferred for close to a century in our country, in order to ensure the safety of the building, the necessity of using huge columns and huge horizontal beams that make the interior flat eliminate the ergonomics of use in these buildings. In the steel structure system prefabricated house model, on the other hand, contrary to the use of these gigantic columns and beams in reinforced concrete buildings, the building security is made with steel carriers that take up much less space but are extremely durable and safe. This advantage makes a significant contribution to design architects to prepare more comfortable transition and usage areas in interior presentations. With the steel system prefabricated housing model, interior spaces become wider, more comfortable and more comfortable.


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