Prefabricated House Istanbul

Prefabricated House Istanbul

Prefabricated houses istanbul are designed based on the construction of modules that are coupled together to give shape to a specific structure. Unlike conventional houses, modular ones are built outside their final location.This differentiates them not only from traditional houses, but also from prefabricated ones, with which they share certain characteristics. The modules are built independently and are transported, in the same way, to the final location. This allows for greater control of the construction process, away from bad weather and other possible deterioration, making the procedure safer and more convenient, as well as more precise and easier to inspect and control.the most important advantages of Prefabricated houses   is:Replaceable elements: as they are independent modules, they are maintained separately and it is easy to replace damaged parts. Similarly, repair does not involve tedious work or setbacks. Consumers can easily select Prefabricated houses    İstanbul between different environmentally friendly finishes and wall systems


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