Prefabricated House

Prefabricated House

Today’s financial increase causes people who want to buy a house to worry. Prefabricated houses are an important alternative for those who want to own a house in this increase. So what is this prefab house? Prefabricated; These are the structures that are formed as a result of the parts of which are prepared in the factories and the parts are transported to the place where they will be assembled and as a result of combining the parts there as previously planned. In other words; It is a house formed by mounting walls, doors, windows and the tools produced by the factory on the concrete on which the house will be built. The prefabricated house is prepared and delivered in such a way that the desired width and length can be applied to any residential area. Prefabricated houses, which can be assembled and installed in a shorter time compared to the construction of other houses, offer a more economical solution for you.


Prefabricated structures are ready-made structures that are pre-manufactured in factories and assembled at the installation site. Compared to other houses, they are cheaper, higher quality and solid structures. It is designed for all kinds of settlement and usage purposes and presented ready for service. It is made shorter and faster. Its assembly is completed in a short time on site. It is produced and prepared according to all kinds of areas and sizes. Earthquake resistant, focused on insulation. After it is produced, it is possible to make as many additions to the building as desired. This makes it easy to expand. In prefabricated houses, it is possible to place the rooms where desired. If you wish, the prefabricated house can be dismantled and transported to another place after it is built. Prefabricated houses have a life span of 40-80 years, depending on the materials and techniques used.

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