Prefabricated Workplaces Attracting Attention With Their Modern Appearance

Prefabricated Workplaces Attracting Attention With Their Modern Appearance

Prefabricated Workplaces Attracting Attention With Their Modern Appearance

Prefabricated Workplaces Attracting Attention With Their Modern Appearance With the developing technology, designs have gained a different dimension in every field. Likewise, the developing technology in the field of construction has brought a different understanding of modernism. While the developing architecture generally thinks about making maximum use of all areas, the idea that the area should be quite large and empty is prevailing by another segment.

In prefabricated buildings, this development has made a pick. Because while prefabricated buildings serve every purpose of use, they have the feature of being portable. In this way, by creating a living space in temporary areas, it has ensured that the work flow in the market is carried out differently.

As Enhar Prefabrik, we carried out long-term R&D studies to understand consumers before producing our prefabricated office models. As a result of these R&D studies, we saw that each brand in the market had different workplace needs, but they all had one common point. To be modern. Because every brand wants to show its innovative structure everywhere. However, there are brands that look modern and need to build temporary buildings in areas such as temporary assembly areas. In this regard, prefabricated offices exist to solve your needs. These R&D studies continue continuously. Because we are in favor of immediately adapting to the differences that arise as a result of changing needs. Even though the needs change, we will continue to produce innovative prefabricated structures.

In general, brands in the real estate sector buy prefabricated offices in their original colors for sales offices, paint the exterior walls in their own brand colors or make them modern by having their logos made. In this way, it is not even understood that the office is prefabricated when viewed from the outside. He usually does the same painting process in new generation schools. They do this painting process both to trigger the creativity of the students and to look modern. There are even cases where students do this painting work.

When we look at the prefabricated offices produced in a modern way, they can be seen as modern, but besides looking modern, durability is also important. Here, the use of quality materials is involved in the work. Turkey is an earthquake zone. As Enhar Prefabrik, we always kept this fact in mind and took care to carry out our R&D studies in every aspect. That’s why we used galvanized sheet on the roof while producing prefabricated buildings, optionally, painted galvanized sheet or metal tile can be used. The feature of this material is that it is light and insulating. It prevents water or other foreign substances from entering inside. On the inner and outer walls, there are walls between 6-10 centimeters. These structures, which do not require a foundation for their installation, are more resistant to natural disasters such as earthquakes as they are built on a flat concrete floor and have less contact with the ground than other structures. Sanitary and electrical installations are flush mounted for a cleaner appearance. It does not require maintenance and repair costs. Thanks to heat and noise insulation, it contributes to your economy and minimizes your expenses. Prefabricated offices produced in a modern way are useful as well as durability. While most buyers prefer prefabricated offices, they demand prefabricated dining halls for the area where they will establish offices. Sometimes it is desired to combine the prefabricated office and the dining hall, while sometimes it may be desired to position them separately. Thanks to the modulation of prefabricated buildings, all your prefabricated office needs can be met by making special projects. Dining halls are generally located in prefabricated dormitories. In general, these structures, which meet both the accommodation and food needs of the personnel, are at least as durable as reinforced concrete structures.


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