Prices of Ready-made Houses 2022

Prices of Ready-made Houses 2022

Welcome to our article where we will share the Prices of Ready Houses in 2022.

Prices of Ready-made Houses 2022 As Turkey’s largest ready-made house (prefabricated house) manufacturer, we are a company that adopts the principle of sharing all prices transparently with our valued customers.

Let’s first find answers to your questions in ready-made houses;

How long do ready-made houses last?

When the maintenance of Prefabricated Houses is done periodically, their lifespan is the same as reinforced concrete buildings.

What is the Production system of Ready Houses?

Prices of Ready-made Houses 2022 The carrier system of the buildings is steel construction. We use betopan, a cement and oak tree-based building surface coating material, which we use as the covering material for the exterior and interior walls, ceilings and mid-floors of prefabricated houses. Betopan is an asbestos-free exterior board that is not affected by water.

Are the Installations of Ready-made Houses assembled and delivered?

Electricity, sanitary installation, paint, door and window joinery of prefabricated houses are delivered with glass mounted. The materials we use are TSE certified and most of them are ISO 9001 certified.

Can ready-made houses be disassembled and reassembled?

Prefabricated houses have the ability to be dismantled and reinstalled.

How is the static of the Ready Houses made?

The statics of the Prefabricated Houses are based on the 1st earthquake zone.

What is the biggest advantage of using Steel Construction in Ready Made Houses?

Prefabricated houses are also steel construction and the biggest advantage of the structures is that they are earthquake resistant and light.

How to Maintain Ready Houses?

Maintenance of Prefabricated Houses is possible with paint, door and window maintenance.

How is the shipping of ready-made houses done?

Prefabricated houses and containers are transported by trucks, trucks, freight containers, ships, trains or cargo planes.

Do ready-made houses have thermal insulation?

Prefabricated houses are produced with thermal insulation.

Are ready-made houses suitable for climatic conditions?

Prefabricated Houses can be produced in accordance with all climatic conditions. Production is carried out taking into account the climatic characteristics of the place where the buildings will be built.

Are ready-made houses produced only in certain standards?

Apart from the plans of the buildings that are our Prefabricated House production, it is possible to produce houses in the desired opening, design and m2. The buildings can be produced as single storey as well as two storey.

Is it possible to renovate ready-made houses?

Modifications are possible in prefabricated houses if desired.

How long is the production and assembly time in Ready Houses?

The fact that it is manufactured in a short time and provides fast assembly in Prefabricated Houses increases the reason for preference for prefabricated buildings. The production of buildings, for example, the production of a 1000 m2 building takes a maximum of 15 days. A team of 5 people can assemble 50 m2 of rough building in an average of 2 days.

How is the Production, Packaging and Transport system abroad in Ready Houses?

In overseas production of prefabricated houses, materials are packed in accordance with international transportation and packaging rules.

How are ready-made houses installed on the ground?

Prefabricated houses are mounted on the ground with anchors or steel dowels. Thus, the building and the concrete move together.

How many years is the Guarantee of Ready Made Homes?

Prefabricated Houses are under our company’s warranty for 2 years against defects caused by manufacturing and workmanship.

What is the roof covering of ready-made houses made with?

Galvanized sheet metal sheets, ondulin, singeel are used in the roofing of prefabricated houses.

What is used in the wet floors of ready-made houses?

In the wet areas of prefabricated houses, tiles can be easily applied on the walls.


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