Siding Cabin

Siding Cabin

Siding cabin is produced by our company with a new generation and contemporary design approach.
The siding cabins produced in our company have become the new choice of portable living spaces with their quality, aesthetics, long-lasting structure and high insulation.
The cabins, which provide high heat and sound insulation with their special coatings, are produced in metal carcass structure.
Cabins, which are produced wider than standard sizes, are magnificent, stylish, aesthetic and economical.
Our cabins also offer the possibility of transfer to different places with their modular structure features.
Cabins add beauty to all areas of the city with their aesthetic and ergonomic use.
The cabins produced in our company offer functional use for different needs.
Our company carries out the production of cabins, taking into account the needs of the customers.

Our company’s production includes Siding cabin, Metropol cabin, Guard cabin, Sandwich cabin, Special cabin, WC and Shower cabins, Security cabin and special production cabin types.

Our cabins can be manufactured together with the roof if desired. For this reason, the siding cabin looks like a house. You can be sure that you will attract attention in the areas where you use our products.

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