Water tank

Water tanks are called containers that store water for use when needed. There are varieties such as reinforced concrete, stainless steel, galvanized, masonry, plastic and fiberglass. The water tanks on the roof are connected to the city mains system, when the water is filled in the tank, the float cuts the water and the check valve in the plumbing system prevents the water from going back, thanks to the pressure. (Pressure in the existing mains water) When the water is cut off, the Water of the Tank is Used Automatically. In the basements of the buildings, the water tank systems made of concrete or the water tanks in the form of polyester tanks, the water booster pumps clean water to the existing plumbing system of the building, when the water booster mains is cut off, the water booster draws the water from the tank thanks to the check valves and continues to press the water into the building system, or the network fills the water directly to the tank. It continuously floods the building system from the tank, so the water accumulating in the tank is drawn from the floor of the water booster tank, so the water is constantly in circulation and remains clean and fresh.

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