What is Soil Investigation? Soil Investigation in Prefabricated Buildings

What is Soil Investigation? Soil Investigation in Prefabricated Buildings

What is Soil Investigation?

Soil survey is an application that is made and must be done to start the construction of a building. With this application, the ground information of the lands and areas on which the building will be built is determined and a risk analysis is made in general. Thus, information about the earthquake risk of the land, water level layers, electrical resistivity and soil type is obtained. Therefore, we can answer the question of what is a ground survey as all of the analyzes for the ground of the area where the application will be made before the building is built. The ground survey report, which is usually prepared by civil engineers, is shaped by the contribution of geology and geophysics engineers. In particular, a detailed analysis is made on whether the ground is suitable for construction, thanks to the ground survey, in which the most detailed information about the soil and stone types in different layers is obtained. For this reason, it should be noted that the ground survey report is extremely important. Such that, with a correct ground survey, the effects of earthquakes that may occur in the future will also decrease. Because with this report, the effect of the loads occurring during the earthquake is calculated by selecting the appropriate materials for the building, and a building is built in this direction.

We have explained in detail what ground survey is. However, it is also very important why the ground survey is done. So why do ground surveys? In order to answer the question of why soil survey is done, it is necessary to know what the ground is. So much so that the ground is a moving layer and has a structure that can change over time. In particular, settlements on the ground and changes in the groundwater level can change the structure of the ground over time. On the other hand, thanks to the ground survey, it becomes possible to learn the water level and layers of the ground on which the building at the project stage will be built. Exactly for this reason, it should be stated that soil survey is extremely important and why it should be done. Soil survey, which is important to be done before the construction process, is applied in short to make the analysis of the lands before the construction. In this way, it can be predicted how a building will be affected by an earthquake and its behavior in the face of an earthquake.

How is Soil Investigation Performed?

Soil survey is done with some stages. However, before starting the ground survey, it should be noted that this process is carried out by a team of experts in the field. These stages are exactly as follows:

● Before the ground survey is done, necessary information is obtained to have information about the land.

● Then, a detailed examination is made about the topographic features of the ground and the slope condition.

● According to the characteristics of the ground, the number of drilling and seismic laying is determined and necessary actions are taken.

● During drilling, information about the ground profile and the underground water level is obtained. In addition, disturbed samples are taken by performing SPT (standard penetration test) experiments.

● Obtained samples are sent to laboratories; so that the ground is examined in detail.

● Finally, underground structures are determined together with underground radars.

Soil Investigation in Prefabricated Buildings

Is it mandatory?

Soil investigation is a mandatory application for all structures. Soil survey, which is a very important practice especially in regions where fault lines pass, is also one of the most important steps in obtaining a building permit. Therefore, all buildings, including prefabricated buildings, must have a ground survey. So much so that the main purpose of soil survey is to provide protection against earthquakes. At this point, it should be added that prefabricated houses are known for their earthquake resistance. For this reason, prefabricated houses emerge as structures that can be preferred in earthquake zones. However, it is extremely important that prefabricated houses are produced from quality materials.

With its experience of more than 20 years, Villa Yapı offers earthquake-resistant options for its customers with its material quality and perfect service in prefabricated buildings. You can also choose Villa Yapı for the prefabricated building of your dreams and enjoy a safe life. As enhar, we have discussed the ground survey in detail in this article. In this direction, we gave information about the ground survey in prefabricated houses by answering the most curious questions such as what is ground survey and how is it done. As can be seen, soil survey analysis requires a detailed research. Therefore, it is extremely important that it is done by a professional team in the field.


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